Main objective

The main goal is to provide the Creative Industry SMEs a tool that, by expanding their creative spaces will help them to offer new services, which in turn will increase their changes to grow within the European and international market. To accomplish this objective, AiRT project will develop the worldยดs first indoor RPAS specifically designed for professional use by the CIs.

The accomplishment of AiRT main objective will rely on the following 7 specific objectives (SO):

SO1. Analysis of CIs needs, ethical/ security issues and risk analysis. The Airt RPAS system will lay special focus on the needs of Creative Industries while shooting indoor.

SO2. Adaptation of indoor positioning system (IPS) for the RPAS.

SO3. User-friendly, intuitive interface Graphical user interface of indoor navigation.

SO4 Adaptation of RPAS. Safety feature and requirements defined by CIs will be integrated in an innovative RPAS by the partner AeroTools.

SO5. Integration and validation. The adapted IPS by Pozyx Labs will be integrated within the RPAS and a technical validation test performed.

SO6. Demonstration. The benefits of the AiRT system for Creative Industries, the new services which can be provided and its possible exploitation will be presented.

SO7. Elaboration of a proposal for a European legislation for indoor RPAS safety and security (policy handbook).