Here you can find a comprehensive list of the deliverables of the project. Public deliverables (PU-public) will be linked as they are accomplished and can be downloaded, whereas those intended for members of the consortium (CO-confidential) will be listed but not accessible for the general public.ย To download file, please click on the corresponding Deliverable Title.

Wp nยบ Deliv. nยบDeliverable titleDiss. LevelCompleted
   1 D1.1Periodic progress activity and management reports with coststatements according with EC COYES
1D1.2Periodic progress activity and management reports with cost statements according with EC rulesCOYES
1D1.3Final Public ReportPUYES
2D2.1CIsโ€™ needs for indoor filming using RPASPUYES
2D2.2Ethical Security and Safety issuesPUYES
3D3.1Hardware optimised IPS systemCOYES
3D3.2IPS with improved update rate and I2C Protocol CO YES
3D3.3Virtual environment mapCO YES
3D3.4Technical validation of IPS systemCOYES
4D4.1RPAS SpecificationsCOYES
4D4.2Prototype according to specificationsCOYES
4D4.3Integration of advanced functionalitiesCOYES
4D4.4Test reportsCOYES
5D5.1End-user friendly adapted softwareCOYES
5D5.2System integrationCOYES
5D5.3Technical validation. Test reports.COYES
5D5.4User guidePUYES
5D5.5Report on results of demonstrationPUYES
6D6.1Project communication and dissemination planPUYES
6D6.2Communication materialsPUYES
6D6.3Communication materials, including newsletters, project related videos, project website and intranetCOYES
6D6.4Report on workshop conclusionsPUYES
6D6.5Policy bookPUYES
7D7.1AiRT Exploitation and Business Plan, including IPR strategy and agreement COYES
7D7.2Open Research data Pilot (ORDP/ DMP)PUYES